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Hades (Cerberus B II) – <IEH, EoH, AoV, WarH, SotS, AAC, HoS> The settled planet in the Cerberus System. O – 7; G – 0,94; DL – 26; AT – 5. The local year is “a bit shorter” than the T-Year. The climate is on the hot and humid side, but in some regions rivals that of known resort planets. No native life forms can be metabolized by humans. All native flora has four sexes, one of them being a neuter excluded from procreation but taking up most of the activities like hunting or rearing the young. Its four continents are named simply Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta in size order with Alpha being the biggest. Hades has three large, bright moons Tartarus, Sheol and Niflheim. A ring of fixed defenses surrounded the planet until EoH, when it was destroyed by the escaping prisoners under the command of Fleet Admiral (GSN) Honor Harrington. There is also "a huge tank farm" in orbit providing reactor mass to visiting ships.
Prison Planet:
Hades is home to a PRH maximum security prison. Styx the site of Camp Charon, the prisoner admitance center and security garnison, is the biggest of DuQuesene Ocean's islands, it's also over 1500 km from any continental shore. The island is also the only piece of land terraformed on the whole planet, it is here that the food intended for the prisoners is grown on automated farms. After they have been procesed on Styx the prisoners are transported to one of the ~200 camps located on either Alpha, Beta or Gamma, Delta being "too far into the antarctic to be a practical site". Each camp has an average population of 2500, and is separated from any other camp by a minimum of 500 km. All the camps are numbered, always begining with the name of the continent. The only exception to that rule is Camp Inferno on Alpha, a dumping ground for the most hardcore cases. It's the only camp located directly on the equator. Inferno has a transistent population of about 700. Its purpose is to show the prisoners that even on Hades life can get worse. The institutional paranoia that excluded Cerberus from official PRH maps was even more pronounced in Camp Inferno's case, because it wasn't shown on any State Security maps except those in Camp Charon. Hades was called "Hell" by the prisoners. The number of prisoners on Hades prior to the mass escape in EoH was 610005, of which 392651 decided to escape.


Hadrian (Tyler's Star IV) – <Timothy Zahn – SotS> The settled planet in the Tyler’s Star System.

Hainuwele – <ToF, ART, SoF> One of the moons of Ameta, its close distance to the gas giant results in the emergence of a plasma torus. Hainuwele is 960 LY from Mesa and "480-odd" LY from Olivia.

Hakim - <CoG> A star system in V, it's upper class' behaviour is notorious even by V standards. Hakim has a big mining industry and uses a lot of heavy labour slaves. The system is known for it's mild manumission laws.

Halacon - <ABF> A planet settled around 1200 P.D. [See 1)]. Scott MacDallan emigrated to Sphinx from Halakon.

Halkirk - <SoF> One of two settled planets in the Loomis System. Sharing a common centre of mass with Thurso, Halkirk is one component of a twin planet in Loomis' orbit, O - 7; Mass - 1,03 Earth's. With a hydrosphere of 40%, Halkirk's two bigger continents Hoy and Westray, which between them account over 70% the total land area, are very dry inland. The two smaller, mountainous continents of Stroma and Stronsay are quite pleasant, even a bit on the damp side. Halkirk is famous for its silver oak. A dense-grained, beautifully colored, beautifully patterned wood that is "like a somatic holo sculpture, deliberately designed to soothe and stroke the edges of a frayed temperament". It was this unusual and extraordinary resource which drew the attention of Star Enterprises Initiatives Unlimited to Loomis in 1877 P.D. [See 2)].

Hallman – <AAC> A star system in RoH, its total infrastructure was destroyed during Cutworm I. The system was a money losing one under the Legislaturalists.

Hamilton – <EoH> A settled planet known for its medical research facilities which are on par with Beowulf’s and Earth's. Hamish Alexander inquired there about a therapy for his wife Emily after her accident.

Hancock- <All -OBS, HotQ, IEH, MtH, WoH, CoW, CoS, MoH, ABF, HTBu9, GNLH, FS, SoF, B, TW, CoG, ACtD> A star system, StC – M5d (a red dwarf) [See 3)]; HL – 11; the outermost planet is frozen and there is also an asteroid belt in the system. A SKM refit & repair yard is in orbit at 5,15 LM[See 4)]. The station's population was "almost" 11000 in SVW. This naval base is one of the nodal ones in MA defense line. It's near Zanzibar, Alizon and Yorik, which three systems together with Hancock lay in a sphere "nearly" 20 LY in diameter. Hancock lies directly in a grav wave and is 160 LY to the galactic south from Basilisk and 10 LY from Seaford Nine. It is also "directly to galactic north of Manticore". The SKM base was the farthest from Manticore in SVW. Hancock was one of the systems attacked by PRH forces during Operation Icarus.


Harston – <WarH> A star system in SC.

Haswell – <B> A planet where some SL Gendarmes were shot by the Beowulf Biological Survey Corps during a secret operation against a Manpower slave depot.

Haven– <All -ABF, HTBu9, FS, TW> 1) A star system, StC - G? a little brighter than Sol. Haven lies in a very attractive region with an unusually high number of F, G and K StC neighbours. The capital system of the late PRH now RoH, "the second largest empire in the known galaxy". There are at least three naval shipyards in the system named Proctor One, Two and Three, they are the largest yards in RoH. Haven is 250–300 LY from Manticore, “over” 150 LY from the western border of RoH, 667 LY from Sol [See 5)], 300 LY from SC, and “around” 400 LY form Marsh. 2) The settled planet in the Haven System, O ~ 12 LM inside HL [See 6)]; G ~ 1 [See 7)]; YL – 1,17 [See 8)]; DL – 24,93. Haven's AT is very similar to Earth's, and the climate is "nearly idyllic. The imported terrestial life-forms addapted to the local conditions with a minimum of difficulty. The most populous planet in RoH. The planetary capital is Nouveau Paris with a population of 36 million. It lays on the Rochambeau continent, at the foothills of the Limoges Mountains, on the coast of the Veyret Ocean. Boasting spectacular beaches the city is famous for being located around the confluence of the Garrone and Rhône Rivers which barely half a kilometer later drop down 80 meters as the Frontenac Falls. The planetary population is so big that it can't feed itself and depends on food imports. One of the most popular tourist attractions on Haven is the Arsenault Gorge, a spectacular moutain pass through the Blanchard Mountains. The Villancourt Sea lies in the northern hemisphere, and on one of its islands 800 km from the nearest shore was the Second Havenite War POW camp C7 with a population of almost 9000 prisoners. There are at least two orbital fortresses in orbit around the planet called Liberty and Equality, massing 14 million tons each.
Despite being further from Earth, Haven was colonised in 1309 P.D. 107 T-Years earlier than Manticore. This was possible because the colonisation ship used was equiped with Warshawski Sails. The expedition was exeptionally well organised and financed due to the involvement of no less than 11 SL based corporations. Thanks to exceptionally benevolent local conditions and pre-colonisation planning the planetary population grew very quickly to reach 1 billion in 1430 P.D. and 7 billion in XVIIth century P.D. This was closely followed by a fast econimic growth, thus attainig Heven great prominince in the region. Sadly the success of the Republic of Heaven was short lived, in 1680 the Economic Bill or Right's was passed in an attempt to redistribute the attained wealth more fairly. This lead to a creation of steady growing population of unemployed citizens who only wanted more bread and games. By 1750 The Republic of Haven transformed into the Peoples Republic of Haven, which was in all but name a hereditary aristocracy. Still, the system worsened as ever more people stopped working under the ever increasing burden of taxation. They of course joined the masses entiteled to social welfare. In 1778 P.D. the Technical Conservation Act was passed prohibiting emigration of any skilled technicians and engineers. In 1791 P.D. a secret report adressed to the House of Legislators predicted the collapse of the system by 1850 P.D. This lead to a rewrite of the Constitution strenghtening the power of the Legislaturalists. In 1846 P.D. PRH has begun the realisation of DuQuesne Plan, a war of conquest to acquire additional out-system revenue. By 1900 P.D. PRH grev in size to encompass every system within 100 LY of Haven. The Legislaturalists regime was toppled by an internal revolution during the outbreak of the First Havenite War. The revolution in turn established a the terror regime of CoPS. It's three most important members were: Robert S. Pierre, Oscar Saint-Just and Cornellia Ransom. When CoPS was brought down only Oscar Saint-Just remained alive and was executed by Citizen Admiral Thomas Theisman Haven Home Fleet CO, who reinstalled the old original RoH constitution and organised the first free elections since the Legislaturalists came to power. In SftS there are some indications that the fall from grace of RoH and the rise of the Legislaturalist regime was induced by the Mesan Alignment.
The planetary economy was until recently struggling because 2/3 of the planetary population was on the Dole [SVW], an evergrowing social welfare program. This trend is now firmly turned around as first under the CoPS because of Cornellia Ransom's propaganda many of the Dolists decided to take up work in an effort to help fight the war, and the later fiscal reforms enforced this trend. After the restoriation the economy freed from bureaucracy finally took off.

Heimdall – <ART> A star system in OL / SL, 14 LY from Beowulf.

Helmsport – <EoH> A star system in PRH, the home system of Commander Albert Hurst, the Judge representing Camp Inferno prisoners on the military court on Hades.

Hendrickson – <HAE> A star system in the Chalice Cluster in the Terrance Sector of SC.

Hennessy – <CoS, JRMN, ART, HoS> One of the three star systems composing PC. One of the termini of MWJ leads to this system. It is 25 LY from Terra Haute, and 712 from Manticore.

HMSS Hephaestus– <All -FiE, IEH, MtH, CoS, JHRN, ToF, ABF, HTBu9, GNLH, FS, TW, CoG, ACtD> A space station in geosynchronous orbit around Manticore, RMN premiere shipyard and the biggest military space station in SKM / SEM. At the time of its destruction during operation Oyster Bay, a Mesan Alignment stealth attack, Hephaestus was over 110 km long along its central spine, with some of the branches reaching as far as 50 km outwards from it. All in all it was "a lumpy, ungainly, immensly productive amalgamation of building and repair slips, fabrication shops, deep-space foundries, and living quaters for thousands of workers." One among the multitude of establishments aboard was Dempsey's Bar, where Denver Summervale challanged Paul Tankersley to a duel and was later in turn challanged by Honor Harrington. The permanent station population was over 950,000 and adding visiting ship crews and other transients it could reach up to 2 million on most days.

Hesier - <HTBu9> A star system. The xenobiologis that named the Sphinxian Condor Owl came from there.

Hera – <HAE, CoW> 1) A star system in the Saginaw Sector of SC. <AAC, SftS> 2) A star system in RoH, “just over” 60 LY from Trevor's Star and 30 LY from Haven. Although scarcely a major bastion it was a second-tier system of RoH and a significant industrial node until Cutworm I when its total infrastructure was destroyed.

Hiawatha – <ToF> A planet where an enormous infrastructure project was undertaken by TranStar of Terra. It was one of the most expensive projects undertaken by a private company which was possible only with upfront expense guarantees given by SL.

Hillman - <JRMN, IFF, B> A star system in SC, the capital system of the Hillman Sector, where HMS Shrike fought off two pirate light cruisers while escorting a convoy in 1879 P.D.

Himalaya (Saltash V) – <SoF> The only gas giant in the Saltash System. There is a gas extraction plant in orbit.

Hirochi – <SoF, CoG> A star system in the Core of SL, headquaters of Brindle Star, Ltd., a transstellar heavily involved in Meyers and Madras Sector of SL. Hirochi was settled by predominantly east asians.

Hope – <David Darke – MTH> A protectorate planet in Sector Twelve of SL, originally named Salamis, renamed Haupt by the Teutonic Order when they made it their capital planet, later the pronunciation changed to Hope. One of the few planets with preserved structures that were built by Alphanes, the pre-human star traveling race. The remains were composed of six crystall pylons reaching high into the air, their bases fused with the granite rock underneath. One of the pyllons was destroyed in an attempt to remove it and transport it to Melungeon. Accompaning the Alphane remains are Growlers, a species of scaly burrowing herbivores encountered on all ex-Alphane planets. Some belive them to be Alphane de-evolved descendants, others think they are Alphane livestock. Hope was settled by one of the earlies generation ships, and after a brief period of advancemend under the Teutonic Order it slid back into near barbarism before rediscovery. The soil and climate premit growth of standard Earth corps. The planetary capital is Kuepersburg. Hope has three moons that are "barely brighter than planets".

Horus – <WarH> A star system in the Saginaw Sector of SC. Unusual because the system governor is honest. There is a settled planet in the system called Osiris. It lies on an “almost” direct line from Basilisk to the Sachsen Sector.

Howard – <SoSag, SftS> A star system in TC, TQ / SEM member.

Hume – <HAE, HoS> A star system in the Breslau Sector of SC. The settled planet in the system is called Jeremiah.

Hyacinth – <SoSag, SftS, MoH, HoS> A star system in PRH captured by MA, it was supposed to be turned into a forward supply depot for Eighth Fleet but was hit by a counterattack. It was here that Capitain Aivars Terekhov lost his command trying to defend a convoy in the ending phase of the First Havenite War.

Hyatt – <IFF> A star system in the Saginaw Sector of SC.

Hygeia – <Charles E. Gannon - B> An asteroid in the Sol System. in 3rd century P.D. the Earth Union Customs Partol maintained a base there.

Hypatia – <ART> A star system two weeks travel by a merchant ship from Beowulf and three and a half weeks from Klondike.

Hyperion One – <ART> SLN's primary Sol space station. SLN Logistics Command HQ. The navy's single largest construction & service platform. Hyperion One is located in Mars orbit.

1) In ABF With Friends Like These ..., Sub-Chapter 20 we get to know that "Halakon's been only settled for about 300 years," since the story takes place in 1520 - 1521 P.D. this gives us the colonisation date of around 1200 P.D.

2) SoF takes place in 1922 P.D. SEIU came to Loomis "forty-five years ago."

3) Hancock's StC isn't stated directly in any book but during First Hancock in SVW PRH superdrednaughts stop at 11 LM “right on the hyper limit”. Form the table of stars' HL in MtH that makes Hancock a M5 class star.

4) The station's O isn't stated directly in any book but the PRH force attacking Hancock in EoH makes its hyper translation on the HL. Than it takes a least time course for the station which according to CIC is 5,85 LM away. Since Hancock's HL is 11 LM then the stations O = 11 - 5,85 = 5,15 LM.

5) There is a problem with the Haven - Earth distance. IEH gives the number of "over 1800 LY", and MtH 667 LY. I went with MtH, because it's published more recently and the distance is given in the short guide, besides it makes way more sense.

6) In MoH Eigth Fleet makes its alpha transition 10 LM outside HL which puts it "... roughly 22 LM from the planet."

7) JHRN states that Haven's G is so similar to Earth's that the little difference can be ignored.

8) According to MtH Haven's Year is 412,25 local days (DL - 24,93) long.
YL = 412,25 * DL
YL = 412,25 * 24,93
YL ≈ 10278,77 hours
YL ≈ 10124,86 / 24
YL ≈ 428,28 T-Days
YL ≈ 428,28 / 365,25
YL ≈ 1,17 T-Years.

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