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Nagasaki – <EoH, John Ringo – SotS> One of the few worlds where the native launguages of the colonists, in this case Chinese and Japanese, are still widely in use alongside the galactic lingua franca - English. Nagasaki is famous for its shrimps.

Naismith – <IEH> A planet. In IEH Alison Harrington wears a gown of neoworm silk from Naismith.

Ndebele – <CoS, ToF, CoG> The environmentally worse of the two settled planets in the Mfecane System. A heavy gravity world settled by the Second Great Bantu Migration, a radical group who wanted to improve the pure, true original human stock. Due to environmental conditions today the genetic makeup strongly favors albinism among the population. The surface is mostly covered by oceans. The extreme enviromental conditions caused 80% child mortality in the first few generations after colonisation. This caused a rapid divergence of the human genome from the mainstream norm and produced a genetic variant of humanity that's "at the edge of current human physical performance." The changes include much denser bones making it impossible for Ndebeleans to swim without artifical aid as thier bodies simply won't float. Their muscle tissue contains a much higher percentage of quick-firing cells. The downside of those changes is a metabolism that requires up to four times the calorical intake of normal humans.

New Berlin – <HotQ, HAE, MtH, WarH, SoSag, JHRN, IFF, HoS, ACtD> A star system, StC – G4; HL – 20,24; capital system of AE. There is a settled planet in the system called Potsdam. New Berlin was conquered by Gustaw Anderman in sixteen century P.D., when he retired from his mercenary career to build his own empire. Suprisingly he managed to make it and by the time of his death AE grew to six systems, and has gone on growing ever since. The official launguage of New Berlin and AE is German. New Berlin is “roughly” 49 LY from Gregor. There is a grav wave MSY-002-91 on the Gregor - New Berlin route. The Neue-Stil Handgemenge, a fighting style more esoteric than coup de vitesse was developed in New Berlin.

New Bombay – <MoH> A star system in SL, its ruling families are Mesan Alignment members, which in turn makes the local SDF an adjunct of MAN. Poised by the Alignment to be a one of the founding members of the Renaissance Factor.

New Brazil – <John Ringo – SotS> A planet famous for the suvala, a dance illegal on Grayson.

New Calcutta – <Eric Flint – SotS> A star system in PRH where Admiral Chin's force including a SS SD defeated a pirate.

New Chicago - <ABF> A planet. It was the dumping ground for "radical anarchists, socialists" and members of the Leveler's Associacion after the Final War on Earth. Eric Flint the owner of the Red Letter, a bar in Twin Forks on Sphinx was from New Chicago.

New Corsica – <AoV> A planet with a very high mountain range – Palermo Range on par with Old Earth's Himalayas, but which is put to shame by San Martin's mountains.

New Geneva – <SVW> A star system, it exports utterly loyal (as long as they are paid) mercenary bodyguards.

New Glasgow – <MtH> A planet where the first practical counter gravity generator was developed in 1502 P.D. by the Anderson Shipbuilding Corporation.

New Ghuanzou – <John Ringo – SotS> A planet with a SKM consulate. The elite Covert Insertion Teams were stationed there before they were relocated to the captured PRH naval base in the Seaford Nine System. Nicknamed by agents New Guano.

New Hamburg – <WarH> A star system which declined to sign any of the international accords which outlaw genetic slavery until 1850 P.D. [See 1)], when it had been forced, primarily by RMN, to sign a treaty outlawing participation by its citizens and starships in the interstellar genetic slave trade. The institution itself tough remains legal within its territory.

New Las Vegas – <John Ringo – SotS> A planet.

New Madagascar – <MoH> A star system in SL, its ruling families are Mesan Alignment members, which in turn makes the local SDF an adjunct of MAN. Poised by the Alignment to be a one of the founding members of the Renaissance Factor.

New Mali – <CoG> A star system.

New Orkney – <MoH> A star system in SL, its ruling families are Mesan Alignment members, which in turn makes the local SDF an adjunct of MAN. Poised by the Alignment to be a one of the founding members of the Renaissance Factor.

New Posnan – <WarH, AAC> see Posnan.

New Potsdam – <AAC, MoH, ART> see Potsdam.

New Provence – <John Ringo – SotS> A planet famous for its compote.

New Tasmania – <WarH> A star system.

New Texas – <B> A planet.

New Tuscany – <SoSag, SftS, MoH, ART, SoF> 1) A star system, StC G3; HL - 20,68 LM. New Tuscany declined to sign the Constitution as proposed by the Constitutional Convention in Spindle and so to become a TQ / SEM member, thus remaining the only independent star system in TC. New Tuscany in 360 LY from Meyers [See 2)], and 365 LY from Mesa. There are inner and outer planets in the system. [See 3)]. The system deep-space sensor arrays are obsolete and virtually blind outside HL. 2) The settled planet in the New Tuscany System, O ~ 10,01 LM [See 4)]; the planetary capital is Livorno [See 5)]. Altough named for a region of Earth's Italy, New Tuscany is "inhabitated by people with almost uniformly French names." The primary communications and traffic control platform for the New Tuscany System was the space station Giselle orbiting the planet until it was blown up in SftS. The station population was 42,000. New Tuscany has two moons.


Nibelung Belt - <JRMN, HoS> The middle one of Manticore B's three arteroid belts, O - 42,3 [See 6)].

Niflheim – <EoH> The outermost and largest moon of Hades, O - 1,5 LS. The missile platforms emplaced on the surface were destroyed by the escaping prisoners under the command of Fleet Admiral (GSN) Honor Harrington.

Nightingale – <FiE, HAE, IEH, EoH, AoV> A star system in PRH, StC – G3; HL – 20,68. It has one settled planet. A star system on the frontline guarding the approach to Trevor’s Star, in possession of MA in AoV it was re-captured by RoH in WarH.

Nimbalkar – <ACtD> A star system in AE. Nimbalkar was conquered by Gustaw Anderman before 1529 P.D.

Nolan – <ART, SoF> A star system in SL. One of the termini of the Katharina Wormhole Junction leads there. Nolan is "over" 600 LY from Manticore, "barely" 200 LY from Sol and 915 LY from Katharina which makes the wormhole bridge conecting the two systems "one of the longest ever surveyed." The local terminus is 5 LH from the system primary. Nolan fell under SL oversight around 1820 P.D. [See 7)], when its terminus caught the attention of OFS and Frontier Fleet. The Nolan termini was taken over by RMN during Lacoön Two.

Nolan terminus.png

Nouveau (New) Dijon – <HotQ, EoH> A planet where the martial art Coup de Vitesse was developed in XIth century P.D. One of the few worlds where the native launguage of the colonists, in this case French, is still widely in use alongside the galactic lingua franca - English.

Nuada – <EoH> One of the star systems attacked by PRH forces during Operation Icarus.

Nueva Madrid - <ABF> A planet. Scott MacDallan's had family there.

Nueva Oaxaca – <CoS> A star system in SL. The capital of the Nueva Oaxaca Sector. Known for its sport, a variant of bull-fighting.

Nuncio – < SoSag, MoH> A binary star system in the outermost tier of TC, TQ / SEM member. Its two components are Nuncio A, StC – G0; HL – 22 and Nuncio B, StC – K2; HL – 16,72. The system boasts two remarkably Earth-like planets, thoroughly suitable for human occupation with only a little development, Basilica orbits Nuncio A and Pontifex orbits Nuncio B. Nuncio is 75 LY from Celebrant and "60 plus" LY from Spindle. The original colonists set out to conquer Nuncio's planets "long before the starship Janson" reached Manticore. The colonists were "religious emigres who'd deliberately sought a new home, far beyond the reach of theri hopelessly secular fellow humas." The failed attempt to colonise Basilica and subsequent hardships suffered on Pontifex lead to the emergence of an agressive atheistic mindset among the Nuncians.



1) In Chapter 38 of WarH, which takes place in 1919 - 1920P.D., we get to know that the treaty was signed 69 T-Years ago. Which would make it 1850 P.D.

2) The distance from New Tuscany to Meyers is mentioned twice in SftS. The first time in chapter 21 during a conversation between Valery Ottweiler and Hongbo Junyan where the figure 360 LY is given. The second time in chapter 22 during a conversation in New Tuscany President's office when a distance of "very little over" 300 LY is given.

3) In chapter 43 of SftS during Tenth Fleet's approach to New Tuscany the system schematic appearing shows the "system's inner planets." If there are inner planets there should be outer ones.

4) The orbit of New Tuscany isn't given directly in SftS, but in Chapter 41 HMS Tristan< is maintaining its watch over the system from the HL and its "over" 10 LM from the planet. Also in Chapter 45 during 10th Fleet approach the distance from HL to New Tuscany is given as 192 000 000 km. So:
192 000 000 000 m / 299 792 458 (m / s) ≈ 640,44 LS / 60 ≈ 10,67 LM.
O ≈ HL - 10,67 LM ≈ 20,68 LM - 10,67 LM ≈ 10,01 LM

5) The capital of New Tuscany is mentioned in SftS three times, twice it's Livorno (in Chapter 22 and 41) and once Siena (in Chapter 22). I'm using Livorno because it's used more often.

6) The table listing the planets of Manticore B in JRMN puts Nibelung Belt's orbit at 42,55 LM, but the Manticore B system map in HoS gives 42,3 LM. I'm going with the one from HoS, as it's the newest and most canon material on Manticore B's astrography.

7) In ART Chapter 1 we get the information that Nolan cought OFS' attention a 100-odd T-Years ago. Since ART Chapter 1 takes place in 1922 P.D., it makes the date of Nolan's becoming an OFS fiefdom around 1820P.D.

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