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Adelaide – <WarH> A star system in SC.

Adler – <IEH, EoH, AoV, HoS> A star system, StC – G0; HL – 22. There is an inhabited planet in the system called Samovar. There are extraction operations under way in Adler's asteroid belt. The system was captured by MA then temporarily recaptured by Citizen Rear Admiral Lester Tourville in IEH. Commodore Honor Harrington fell into PRH hands while escorting a convoy heading for this system. Adler was re-captured by RoH in WarH.

Agueda – <ART> An idependent star system associated with a wormhole termini. The wormhole connection leads to the Stine System. Agueda is 49 LY from Limbo, 445 LY from Manticore, 327 LY from Beowulf and "almost" 350 LY from Sol. The Augeda terminus was taken over by RMN during Lacoön Two.

Air – <David Darke – MtH> 1) A star system in SL. Formerly called Ehre – Honor, when the Teutonic Order named it. With time the German pronunciation, which is similar to „Æihre”, got the name changed to Air in English. 2) The settled planet in the Air System. The planetary capital is Dawtry, which is not big enough to be called a city. There are Alphane remains on the surface, altough not in any remarkable numbers or constructions.

Alizon – <SVW, EoH, AoV, CoS, AAC, JHRN, IFF, HoS> A star system, MA member, neighboring Hancock, Zanzibar, Yorik and Seaford Nine. There's an asteroid belt inside Alizon's HL. The system space industry, including a newly built naval yard capable of building cruisers, was destroyed during Operation Icarus in the First Havenite War,by forces under Citizen Vice Admiral Lester Tourville. Aproximaetly 8% "of Alizon's total resource extraction capability" was destroyed during a scouting raid by RoH LAC's in the Second Havenite War (AAC). Included in that was the Tergarth Alpha asteroid facility.

Ajay – <CoG> A star system.

Ajax – <ToF> A star system close to Maya.

Aldib – <ToF> The commonly used name of Delta Draconis, StC – G9; a star system 75 LY from Sol. Aldib's settled planet is Berstuk.

Alto Verde – <EoH, AoV, JHRN> A star system in PRH. The home system of Captain Cynthia Gonsalves the Judge representing the military POWs on the military court on Hades.

Ameta – <ToF> A ringed gas giant in a F5 primary star system, O ~ 9,2 [See 1)]. Ameta's primary is a subgiant star half as massive, with twice the diameter and almost eight times more luminous than Sol. The system is 12 LY from the Yamato Nebula. Ameta itself is cool blue-green in color. One of its moons is Hainuwele. Parmley Station is in Ameta's orbit.

Ameta orbit.png

Anael (Yeltin III) - <HoS> The third planet orbiting Yeltsin, O – 4,1.

Anná (Casmir I) – <IFF> The innermost of the two settled planets in the Casmir System, it lies 2 LM further inside the system's HL than Beatá, in terms of suitability for settlement Anná is "no great prize".

Anvil (Lovat IV) – <AAC> The fourth planet orbiting Lovat.

Aphrodite (Manticore B III) – <JRMN, HoS> The third planet orbiting Manticore B, O – 3,6 [See 2)]; G – 1,01. Aphrodite has two moons.

Arellia – <John Ringo – SotS> A planet famous for its caviar.

Arendscheldt – <HAE, SotS> A star system, StC – G3; HL – 20,68; in the Posnan Sector of SC. There is one settled planet in the system called Central. The clostest systems are Sharon's Star and Magyar.

Arianna – <CoW> The settled planet in the Melchor System, O – 9. Arianna is a dry, mountainous world with narrow, shallow seas, minimal icecaps, and a local flora which tends to the drought-hardy and low-growing. Arianna was settled for "over 200 years" at the time of Honor Harrington's middy cruise.

Artemis – <Jane Lindskold – WoH> A planet ravaged by mutated diseases.

Arthur – <AAC, SftS> The settled planet in the Solon System, it lies 10,2 LM inside the system's HL.

Asgerd – <WarH, ART> A star system with a wormhole junction, one of its termini leads to Durandel in AE. This combined with the Gregor termini of MWJ allowes shipping using the MWJ a better acces to SL periphery. Asgerd is around 150 LY from Zunker and ~300 LY from Beowulf [See 4)].

Astophel – <CoG> A star system famous for it's banded coramine lizards.

Aslan Station – <Jane Lindskold – IFF> "A freight and passenger transfer platform (...) operated by Timberlake Incorporated under a long-term lease from Astro Control" in orbit around Sphinx.

Augusta – <AAC, SftS> A star system in RoH 30 LY from Haven, its total infrastructure was destroyed during Cutworm II by forces under Admiral Honor Harrington.

1) When Hali Sowle departs Parmley Station in CoG Chapter 20, it is still "a good" 15 LM from the HL. Since the HL of an F5 star is 24,2 LM, than Ameta's O ≈ 24,2 - 15 ≈ 9,2.

2) The table listing the planets of Manticore B in JRMN puts Aphrodite's orbit at 3,71 LM, but the Manticore B system map in HoS gives 3,6 LM. I'm going with the one from HoS, as it's the newest and most canon material on Manticore B's astrography.

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