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Kapteyn 2 – <CoG> A planet where the khava root is cultivated.

Karavani – <Timothy Zahn – IFF> A star system on PRH border "close to 400 LY" from Irrlicht in AE. Karavani is a small and unimportant system, it is completly uninhabited except for a mining & courier station in orbit around its ringed fifth planet (a gas giant). During FHW Karavani was a transshipment point for illegal SL technology transfers to PRH.

Katharina – <ART> A star system associated with a wormhole junction. Katharina Wormhole Junction has at least two termini, one of them leading to Nolan 915 LY away, and the other to Dionigi 730 LY away. The Nolan-Katharina wormhole bridge is "one of the longest ever surveyed." The junction was taken over by RMN during Lacoön Two.

Kemal – <ToF> A planet. The majority of Maya's colonists came from there.

Kenichi – <ART, FS, TW> A star system in OL / SL. There is a settled planet in the system called Urako. Together with Galen's and Strathmore's, Kenichi's system delegation to the SL Assembly is "strongly inclined" to follow Beowulf's example and recommend withdrawal from SL to their system government. Kenichi is within 35 LY of Beowulf, and 400 LY from Manticore. It's location places it on an "almost" direct route between Manticore and Beowulf.

Kilimanjaro – <ToF> A planet, which winters are in the same league as Sphinx's.

Ki-rin – <EoH> One of the few worlds where the native launguages of the colonists, in this case Chinese and Japanese, are still widely in use alongside the galactic lingua franca - English.

Kismet – <B, ACtD> A heavy-gravity planet settled by people who where gene-engineered for its environment.

Klipspringer – <David Darke – MTH> A planet.

Krishnaputra – <David Darke – MTH> 1) A star system in SL. 2) The settled planet in the Krishnaputra System. Typical for a V planet, there is some local electonics industry but half the population doesn't have electricyty in their homes.

Klein Station – <SVW, FiE, JHRN> A star system with a SKM base. The system was attacked during Operation Perseus by PRH forces in the opening stages of the First Havenite War.

Klondike – <ART> A star system outside SL, three weeks travel by a merchant ship from Beowulf and three and a half weeks from Hypatia.

Kornati – <SoSag, SftS, ToF> The settled planet in the Split System. The planetary capital is Karlovac City on the Liku River. The Black River one of Liku's tributaries flows through Komazec Hills, which lie 300 km from the capital. The smaller of Kornati's continents is called Dalmatia. Camp Freedom a Freedom Alliance of Kornati base was located there. Kornati is a typical V planet, without any atractive export comodity it is forced to import computers, trained engineers and machine tools from out-system. All this makes the balance of trade highly unfavorable.

Krieger’s Star – <CoW> A star system in the Saginaw Sector of SC. It was in revolt against SC central government in CoW.

Kuan Yin – <HAE> see Potsdam.

Kuy – <CoS> A planet in SL, “not far” from Erewhon. Basically a large mining operation run by one of Mesa's major combines, using MU slaves as the primary work force.

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