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Caldwell – <IFF> A star system in SC.

Callisto – <Charles E. Gannon - B> A planetoid in the Sol System. The first colonisation ships were built in a shipyard on Callisto.

Canaan – <ACtD> A planet.

Candor – <SVW, FiE, IEH, JHRN> 1) A star system 150 LY from Trevor's Star, MA member. The system was attacked during Operation Perseus by PRH forces in the opening stages of the First Havenite War. Later the system was captured by forces under the command of Citizen Vice Admiral Diego Abbot during Stalking Horse with the intent of drawing allied forces from Yeltsin. The system was recaptured by MA forces under the command of High Admiral Wesley Matthews (GSN). The closest MA systems are Minette, Yeltsin and Zuckerman. 2) The settled planet in the Candor system, O - 9,5 LM [See 1)]

Cantrell – <B> A heavy-gravity planet settled by people who where gene-engineered for its environment.

Carlton – <B> A star system in SC. The capital system of the Carlton Sector.

Carson – <JRMN, HoS, CoG> A star system in SC, where Edward Saganami fought his last battle on 11th August 1672 P.D.

Casca – <HotQ, SVW, FiE, IEH, ACtD> A star system 22 LY from Yelstin, MA member.

Cascabel – <AoV> A star system on the frontline in possession of MA in AoV.

Casper Belt – <SoF> The asteroid belt in the Saltash System situated between Saltash Delta and Himalaya. There are some mining operations underway, and the total belter population is under 500 thousand.

Casmir – <CoW, SotS, AAC, IFF, HoS> A star system in the Saginaw Sector of SC, StC – K0; HL – 17,60. There are seven planets in the system, two of them, Anná and Beatá, are settled. One of the remaining planets is a gas giant Elsbietá. There is also an extensive although not exactly valuable asteroid belt. The combined system population is "little more that 500 million". A Mesan slave depot located in the system was destroyed by HMS Hawking under the comand of Lieutenant Commander Honor Harrington, acting without orders and cooperating with Audubon Ballrom, a known terrorist organisation fighting against the organized slave trade of Mesa's corporations.


Cecitiel (Yeltin II) - <HoS> The second planet orbiting Yeltsin, O – 2,5.

Celebrant – <SoSag, MoH> 1) A star system in TC, StC – G4; HL – 20,24. A TQ / SEM member 75 LY from Nuncio and 400 LY from Tillerman. 2) The settled planet in the Celebrant System, O – “just under” 11.


Centauri – <CoS> A star system in OL / SL with a population exceeding 30 billion.

Central – <HAE> The settled planet in the Arendscheldt System.

Cerberus – <IEH, EoH, AoV, CoW, WarH, CoS, AAC, SftS, MoH, IFF, ART, HoS, CoG> A trinary star system in PRH, the primary component of the system is Cerberus A, StC – F4; HL – 24,66; the secondary component is Cerberus B, StC – G3; HL – 20,68; the trinary component is Cerberus C, StC – M9; HL – 9,24. Cerberus B orbits Cerberus A at an average of 11,3 LH (closest 10 LH), Cerberus C has an average orbit of 48 LH (closest 33,5 LH). There are at least three planets in the Cerberus B subsystem, one of them Hades is habitable. Cerberus is 135 LY from Trevor’s Star, 33,75 LY from Shilo, 45 LY from Danak, “over” 168 LY from Barnett and 130 LY from “the nearest Alliance-held real estate”. Due to the system being used as a prison for "over 70" T-Years at the time of EoH, Cerberus' existence was a stete secret of such magnitude that it wasn't on any star maps save those of security ships. The institutional paranoia went so far that in spite of the fixed defenses sorounding Hades there wasn't any manned facility anywhere in the system except on the planet's surface.


As imagined by me from the description provided in EoH, it doesn't quite work in 2D but I still drew it for the fun of it. For more information on multiple star systems visit: Atlas of the Universe


Cerberus B III – <IEH> The third planet orbiting Cerberus B.

Chalice – <HAE> The capital planet of the Chalice Cluster in the Terrance Sector of SC. Chalice was home to one of the most brutal separatists movements in recent SC history. Under the leadership of Andre Warnecke the rebels killed "something like three million" of the cluster's inhabitants before the rebelion was crushed by Confederacy Navy.

Chanticleer – <SftS> A star system which took part in the Greenbriar-Chanticleer War in 1843 P.D. It was their "dispute over officers' paroles" submited "for SL binding arbitration" that was used as a precedence in the interpretation of the parole given by Vice Admiral MIchelle Henke when she was relased by RoH in SftS.

Chantilly – <AAC> A star system in RoH. There is a settled planet in the system called Vespasien. Chantilly's total system infrastructure was destroyed during Cutworm II by forces under Vice Admiral Alice Truman.

Chattanooga – <ABF, FS> A star system in SL, homeoffice of the Liberty University, "one of the most respected and presigeous" universities in the galaxy, with campuses scattered all over SL.

Chelsea – <SVW, FoD> A star system with a PRH base where the Zanzibar Liberation Front had its bases. The system was captured by forces under Admiral Hamish Alexander in FoD, and later reconquered by RoH in WarH.

Chosan – <John Ringo – SotS> A planet.

Cinnamon – <SoF> The settled planet in the Saltash System, O – 9; D – 0,96; G – 1; AT – 9. The hydrosphere takes 73% of the surface. The population is 2,5 billion. The planetary capital is kernuish. Cinnamon has one moon. The only significant orbital instalation around the planet is Shona Station.

Clairmont – <FiE, IEH, EoH, JHRN> A star system with a PRH base captured by MA between HAE and IEH, then recaptured by RoH in WarH.

Clarke – <EoH> A star system in PRH, StC – G1; HL – 21,56. There is a settled planet in the system called Lois.

Clematis – <HoS, B> A star system where Alfred Harrington, a Platoon Sergant in the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps, earned the Osterman Cross.

Clearaway – <SVW, FiE, JHRN> A star system, MA member. The system was attacked during Operation Perseus by PRH forces in the opening stages of the First Havenite War.

Comstock – <MoH> A star system in SL, its ruling families are Mesan Alignment members, which in turn makes the local SDF an adjunct of MAN. Poised by the Alignment to be a one of the founding members of the Renaissance Factor.

Congo – <SotS, CoS, SoSag, AAC, SftS, ToF, MoH, ART, SoF, HoS, CoG> A star system, StC – F6; HL – 23,76. Congo's primary is much younger, larger and hotter than Sol. Congo is "about" 27 LY from Erewhon, "well over" a 1000 LY from Mesa and thirteen days from Maya even for a merchant ship. The closest system is Tiberian. There is a settled planet in the system called Torch. Congo lies in a gravity wave. The wormhole junction in the system was supposed to have at least three termini with their destinations unknown, but this turned out to be a misinformation strategy of the Mesan Alignment the former occupant of the system. The fact that Congo is even associated with a junction is unusual for such a young star. Additionally the terminus is uncommonly close to it. At only 64 LM it is the nearest known terminus associated with a F6 StC star. The gravitic signature of the terminus itself is extremly low. The junction is actually a bridge, a one line junction, leading to SGC-902-36-G. The Congo Wormhole Bridge was probably surveyed from the SGC-902-36-G end around 200 T-Years ago, and subsequently lead to the Mesan Alignment involvement in Congo.


Corrigan – <IEH> A star system, StC – G6; HL – 19,36. The PRH base in the system was still holding by PRH in IEH.

Crawford – <AoV, WarH> A star system in SC.

Creswell – <HAE, IEH, SotS> A star system in the Posnan Sector of SC.

Cyclops – <ART> A star system in OL / SL, within 35 LY of Beowulf.

1) During the PRH attack on Candor in FiE the havenite force makes its translation into n-space 30 LM from the primary and 20,5 LM from the planet.

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