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Earth (Sol III) – <All - GNLH> The habitable planet in the Sol System, capital planet of SL, the capital city of the planet and SL is Chicago. Sometimes referred to as the Old Earth, Terra or Old Terra. The homeworld of mankind. Earth was the place where Adrienne Warshawski completed her research in 1273 P.D. and opened new avenues of interstellar travel first by adapting the impeller drive to produce sails, thus enabeling any vessel possesing them to use gravity waves, and second by perfecting the grav detector technology increasing the detection range to 5 LS.

Eden Habitat – <ToF> An orbital low-gravity geriatric center in geosynchronous orbit around Smoking Frog. It offers its patients the very best medical care, on par with that of Old Earth, luxurious quaters and patient friendly staff.

Egg – <HoS> The single moon of Gryphon.

Ehre – <David Darke – MTH> see Air.

El Hira – <CoG> A planet lacking large, deep oceans. Instead there are plenty of smallish seas and a multitude of lakes.

Elipson Eridani – <HotQ, EoH, WarH, SotS, CoS, AAC, SftS, ToF> A planet destroyed by orbital bombardment. Seven billion people died in the Elipson Eridani Massacre, as a consequence SL incorporated Amendment 97 to its constitution, the so-called Eridani Edict calls for the SLN to automatically attack any violator of it.

Elric – <AoV> A star system with a SKM base established to fill a hole in the outworks of the satellite yard at Grendelsbane. It is placed squarely between Treadway and Solway. There's one habitable planet Zelda and an asteroid belt in the system. The system is two weeks away by dispatch boat from Manticore. The system fell into PRH hands during Operation Scylla in AoV and was later abandoned when Operation Buttercup threatened PRH's core worlds.

Elsbietá – <IFF> A gas giant in the Casmir System, O – 33. The planet has its own HL of 3 LM. There are at least 3 moons in orbit around the massive planet. The lightly armed residential-industrial habitat in orbit was taken over by MU for use as a transshipment point for genetic slaves. Within a year it grew to be a transfer point for drugs, weapons and other illegal goods. It's location made it ideal for local pirates as a support base and a place to dispose of prizes .

Elsbietá 3 – <IFF> The largest moon in orbit around Elsbietá.

Elysian – <MtH, WoH, ABF, HTBu9> A planet whose environment and ecology were devastated by changes, which were made to easy up the living for the colonists and didn’t took into account the consequences for the native life forms. This disaster was the beginning of the Elysian Rule prohibiting unnecessarily meddling with ecology of planets.

Elysium – <ToF> Torch's first name, given to it by the survey team exploring the planet.

Endicott – <HotQ, SVW, FiE, EoH, AoV, SotS, SoSag, JHRN, HoS> A star system, StC – K4; HL – 15,84. There ia a settled planet in the system called Masada. The closest neighbor of the Yeltsin System, together with it these two systems are the only ones colonized in a sphere of 40 LY placed directly between Manticore and Haven. In 1903 P.D. prior to the outbreak of the First Havenite War the system was conquered by forces under Admiral Hamish Alexander as a punitive action against SKM's new allay Grayson. The system's GSP was so low that buying the warships Principality and Thunder of God from PRH represented "over" 80% of it.


Enki – <SVW, IEH, EoH, AoV, JHRN, HoS> The habitable planet in the Barnett System, O – 8. It is home to the DuQuesne base, before the First Havenite War, the third-largest base in PRH.

Epsilon Virgo – <ToF> A star system in the Gupta Sector of SL. There is a settled planet in the system called Ghatotkacha.

Erewhon– <All -HotQ, FoD, FiE, HAE, CoW, JRMN, IFF, ABF, HTBu9, GNLH, FS, TW, ACtD> 1) A star system associated with a wormhole junction, StC – K5; HL – 15,40. Erewhon was MA member until the end of WarH when it signed a defense treaty with RoH. The Erewhon Wormhole Junction has two termini one leading to Terra Haute (390 LY away) in PC and the other to Sasebo (359 LY away) in SL. Erewhon is "roughly a 100 LY" from PRH's southern frontier. 2) The settled planet in the Erewhon System. It had been founded by a consortium of successful figures in organized crime, looking for a way to launder money. The planetary capital is Maytag. The political system of Erewhon is a product of the planet's history and colonists' backgroung. The touchstone of the Erewhonese business or political deals is the personal assurance of one's "word", which is guaranteed by one's family. The strict adherence to keeping one's word when it was given results in Erewhon enjoing the "lowest precentage of lawyers relative to the general population of any imdustrializes world in the human-settled galaxy." Due to their orgin the great families of Erewhon are the best money-launderers in the galaxy. One of the space instalations in orbit around Erewhon are Wages of Sin. Prior to joining MA and the outbreak of the First Havenite War the warship builging capabilities of Erewhon were restricted to units below the wall. Erewhon bought ships of the wall from Tehnodyne Industries of Yildun. The general expansion of the industrial base following the technology transfer from SKM alleviated this situation. Now after the withdrawal from the treaty with SKM Erewhon's industrial growth in fueled by investment comming from Maya. Among this is the expansion of the Carlucci Industrial Group Yard, where the "emergency program" military construction for Maya is being built.

Erin – <HAE> The settled planet in the Sligo System known for its ski resorts.

Eris – <SoF, ACtD> A star system in SL, headquaters of Newman & Sons, a transstellar heavily involved in Meyers and Madras Sector of SL.

Eriyne (Manticore B I) – < JRMN, HoS> The first planet orbiting Manticore B, O – 1,1 [See 1)]; G – 0,85. Eriyne has no moons.

Eroica Station – <SoSag, SftS, HoS> The main shipyard and industrial complex in the Monica System. Placed in the Eroica asteroid belt O - 19,5 LM. The complex is divided into a civilian and a military part. The station boasts extensive defenses for a V system. There are missile launchers deployed on nearby asteroids and the station itself has 32 launchers. Additionally there are mine fields and laserclusters deployed. The military side of the sattion was destroyed in the Battle of Monica.

Esterheim – <Eric Flint – CoW> A planet where a MU "nest was cleaned out” by Admiral Amos Parnell when PRH's Legislaturist regime was using extirpation of the slave trade as their excuse for territorial expansion.

Eta Cassiopeiae – <ToF> A star system.

Everest – <FiE, JRMN> 1) The settled planet in the Minette System, O ~ 6,78 [See 2)]. <MoH> 2) A gas giant in the Spindle System.

Excelsior – <John Ringo – SotS> A planet.

1) The table listing the planets of Manticore B in JRMN puts Erinye's orbit at 1,08 LM, but the Manticore B system map in HoS gives 1,1 LM. I'm going with the one from HoS, as it's the newest and most canon material on Manticore B's astrography.

2) Everst's O isn't given directly in FiE but there is enough information provided that it can be calculated fairly accurately. First we get to know that the PRH force attacking Minette makes its transition into n-space right on the HL on a least time course for the planet. A paragraph later we get to know that they are still 250 000 000 km from their target. So their distance to the planet in LM is:
250 000 000 000 m / 299 792 458 m/s ≈ 833,91 LS / 60 ≈ 13,9 LM
So to get Everest's O all we have to do is substaract this from the HL:
O ≈ 20,68 - 13,9 ≈ 6,78 LM

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