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Okada – <ToF> A star system, where a "liberation movement" provided the pretext for OFS intervention. What was unusual was the fact the OFS didn't retain the system, instead turning it over to a local government. Of course the local government just happened to be formed by Admiral Tilden Santana, who as President for LIfe Santana just happens to make substantial contributions to the personal accounts of two senior OFS HQ bureaucrats.

Old Luna – <ART> see Moon.

Olivia – <ART, SoF> A star system "480-odd LY" from Hainuwele. There is a terminus of the Syou-tang-Olivia Bridge in the system.

Onamuji – <ToF> A planet where one of the deadliest poisons known to man was developed. This distant derivative of curare can kill a grown person in 10 seconds and there is no known antidote.

Osiris – <WarH> The settled planet in the Horus System. There is a Havenite trade legation and diplomatic mission in the system.

Owens – <AoV, WarH> A star system in PRH. Together with the Mylar, MacGregor, and Slocum Owens forms a little square cluster with Barnett at its center. Captured by MA during Operation Buttercup.

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