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Zadkiel (Yeltin X) - <HoS> The tenth planet orbiting Yeltsin, O – 799,8.

Zanzibar – <SVW, FoD, EoH, AoV, AAC, SftS, JHRN, HoS> 1) A star system, MA member, StC – G4; HL – 20,24; neighboring Hancock, Alizon, Yorik and Seaford Nine. There is one settled planet and two asteroid belts in the system. Both belts are outside HL, and the inner one's O ~ 22,34 LM [See 1)]. The system was first attacked during Operation Perseus by PRH forces in the opening stages of the First Havenite War. The system space industry, including a newly built naval yard capable of building cruisers, was destroyed twice during recent history. The first time in Operation Icarus during the First Havenite War, and than a second time in Opreation Gobi during the Second Havenite War. Both times the officer commanding the havenite forces was Citizen Vice Admiral and later Admiral Lester Tourville. 2) The settled planet in the Zanzibar system, O – 7,94 LM [See 2)].


Zelda – <AoV> The more-or-less habitable planet in the Elric System. It has an unpleasant atmosphere: dank, muggy, and heavily flavored with volcanic outgassing. The tectonic activity on Zelda is very pronounced resulting in many active volcanos. It is home to a microscopic, airborne plant. It has also an axial inclination even more extreme than Gryphon. The local small MA naval base is in orbit above the planet.

Zion - <HoS> The original name of Grayson, changed after the death of Austin Grayson in his honor.

Zoraster – <WarH, SotS> A star system, StC – G4; HL – 20,24; in the Posnan Sector of SC. It is 24 LY from Marsh. There is one settled planet in the system.

Zuckerman – <SVW, FiE, JHRN, ACtD> A star system southwest of Yeltsin, with a SKM base. The system was attacked during Operation Perseus by PRH forces in the opening stages of the First Havenite War. Zuckerman was one of the local systems that fell prey to the Free Brotherhood around XV century P.D.

Zulu – <CoS> One of the two settled planets of the Mfecane System. A heavy gravity world settled by the Second Great Bantu Migration, a radical group who wanted to improve the true, pure original human stock.

Zunker – <ART, SoF> A star system in the vicinity of SL's Genovese Sector. Zunker is associated with a wormhole bridge. The terminus of the Idaho Hyper Bridge is "the next best thing to" 6,5 LH from the system primary and is recognised as Idaho space. It was explored in 1905 P.D. [See 3)] from the Idaho end by a Manticoran survey ship under charter to the local government. Because of Idaho's close relationship with Manticore, OFS was denied its usual tactics in dealing with Zunker. The system remains independent with a SL consulate and OFS observation post in Effingham, the system capital city. Zunker is "over" 400 LY from Idaho, "roughly" 190 LY from Sol, "just over" 150 LY from Beowulf and around 150 LY from Asgerd [See 4)]. Additionally the system is located "almost directly between Beowulf and Asgerd" widening the coverage of SL space for ship using MWJ. The Zunker terminus was taken over by RMN during Lacoön Two.

Zunker terminus.png

1) The orbit of Zanzibar's inner asteroid belt can be calculated from the data provided in AAC Ch 8 & 9. The RoH probing attack is composed of CLAC's, and the carriers stay at the HL. When the defender's launch the MDM's at them there are reported to be: "Multiple hostile missile launches alomg the belt! Many missiles inbound at 451 KPS squared! Time to first impact 409 s!" So we have the acceleration a = 451000 m/s2; flight time t = 409 s. Assuming a least time course we can calculate the distance traveled:
[The formula for the distance traveled in a linear acceleration motion from a standing start is: d=(a*t*t)/2]
d = (451000*409*409)/2 m = (451000*167281)/2 m = 75443731000/2 m = 37721865500 m
Now to convert this to LM we first divide it by the speer of light and later by 60:
d = 37721865500 / 299792485 ≈ 125,83 LS / 60 ≈ 2,1 LM.

2) The Zanzibar O is posing a problem, in EoH during Operation Icarus it's given as 9 LM, but in Ch. 8 of AAC during RoH's probing attack it's given as being 12,3 LM inside the HL. I chose the second version because it's more precise and recent.

3) ART Chapter 3 gives the date of the Zunker terminus survey as 17 T-Years ago, since it takes place in 1922 P.D. that makes the date 1905 P.D.

4) In ART Chapter 3 we find out that Zunker is "almost directly between Beowulf and Asgerd." The phrase "almost directly between" means that the distance between two points is roughly equal, and that the three points lay in a rougly straight line. Because of that we can assume that the distance from Zunker to Asgerd is similar to the distance between Zunker and Beowulf (150 LY in ART) and hence the distance between Beowulf and Asgert should be twice that ~300 LY.

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