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Yalta – <EoH, ACtD> A star system, MA member. Rear Admiral Harold Styles, the senior MA POW on Hades, was captured here by PRH in the beginning stages of the First Havenite War. One of the systems attacked by PRH forces during Operation Icarus.

Yamato Nebula – <ToF, ART, SoF> A gas nebula 12 LY from Ameta.

Yarrow – <CoS> A star system in the Grafton Sector of SL.

Yeltsin's Star– <All -OBS, MtH, WoH, CoW, SoSag, ABF, HTBu9, FS, TW, ACtD> A star system, StC – F6; HL – 23,76; MA member. The commonly used name is shortened to Yeltsin. There are ten planets and one asteroid belt [See 1)] in the system. One of the planets Yeltsin V – Grayson in settled. Due to the Grayson's hostile environment there is extensive space industrial activity in the system. Yeltsin is 31 LY to galactic northeast from Manticore, 22 LY from Casca, and “over” 150 LY from Trevor’s Star. Together with its closest neighbor Endicott, these two systems are the only ones colonized in a sphere of 40 LY placed directly between Manticore and Haven.

Yeltsin inner system.png


Yeltsin outer system.png

Yildun – <CoS, SoSag, HoS> A star system in SL, StC – A1; HL - “around” 28,31. Yildun is "rougly" 183 LY from Earth. The system has no habitable planets but is rich in asteroids and contains the second oldest known wormhole junction, which has three termini. Home of the Technodyne Industries of Yildun, one of SLN's primary builders, with an in-house R&D division which enjoys an enviable prestige. Unfortunaetly the close ties TIY enjoyed with MU and other Mesan corporatoions lead to its involvement in the attempt to undermine SKM's position in the TC prior to its full annexation into SEM. The attempt failed completly after the Battle of Monica, and in the aftermath TIY collapsed.

Yorik – <SVW, EoH, JHRN> A star system, MA member, neighboring Hancock, Alizon, Zanzibar and Seaford Nine.

1) EoH mentions that "Yeltsin's arteroid belts (...) are lousy in heavy metals and fissionables," but HoS states that there is only one, that was never named.

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