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HMSS T-001 – <WarH> A LAC base / station emplaced by RMN in the Tequila System, known to its denizens as Tamale. Lost to RoH along with the system in Operation Thunderbolt.

HMSS T-002 – <WarH> A LAC base / station emplaced by RMN in the Tequila System. Lost to RoH along with the system in Operation Thunderbolt.

Tahlman – <WarH, ToF> A star system in the PRH. Occupied by MA and re-conquered by RoH in WarH, apparently its population doesn’t want to remain under RoH's control. One of Tahlman's export comodities are hardwood products, e.g. the conference table in the secure room on Torch was produced here.

Tahzeeb – <B> A star system.

Talbot – <SVW, FiE, EoH, JHRN> A star system with a "powerful" SKM base in a nodal position along MA defensive perimeter. There is a shipyard in the system capable of building superdrednaughts. The system was attacked during Operation Perseus by PRH forces in the opening stages of the First Havenite War.

Talbott – <SoSag, SftS> A star system in TC, TQ / SEM member. The wretchedly poor Talbott System had been the site of OFS first observation post in the area. Hence the name Talbott Cluster.

Tambourin – <EoH, AAC> A star system in PRH, one of its early conquests. The complete system infrastructure was destroyed during Cutworm I.

Tarragon – <IEH> A star system in PRH. There is a POW camp for captured MA military personnel in the system.

Tartarus – <EoH> The innermost moon of Hades, O – 0,52 LS. The missile platforms emplaced on the surface were destroyed by the escaping prisoners under the command of Fleet Admiral (GSN) Honor Harrington.

Tasmania – <MoH, ART, FS, TW> A star system in SL, capital of the Tasmania Sector, "little more than 400 LY" from Manticore. Jessica Pheriss moved there with her family from Sankar only to move later to Madeleine.

Tau Ceti – <ToF> A star system. There is a settled planet in the system called Lugh. Tau Ceti is unusual because of its massive debris disc, there is ten times as much dust as in Sol and other inhabitated systems. This causes the system bodies to be subjected to frequent imact events.

Tau Delta – <CoS> A star system in OL / SL, with a population exceeding 30 billion.

Tellico – <David Darke – MTH> The settled planet in the Melungeon System.

Telluridian – <SoSag> A planet exporting expensive worm-silk.

Telmach – <HAE, SotS> 1) A star system in the Breslau Sector of SC, StC – G0; HL – 22,00. 2) The settled planet in the Telmach System.

Tequila – <AoV, WarH> A star system in PRH, 3,75 LY from Lovat, and 55 LY from Haven. Re-conquered by the RoH in WarH during Operation Thunderbolt.

Terra – <All> see Earth.

Terra Haute - <CoS, ART, HoS> One of the three star systems composing the PC. One of the termini of the Erewhon Wormhole Junction leads to this system. It's 25 LY from Hennessy and 390 LYfrom Erwehon.

Terrance – <B> A star system in SC, the capital system of the Terrance Sector.

Tesserow – <David Darke – MTH> A planet where the Alphane ruins where overrun by lava around 100,000 T-Years A.D.

Tetra – <Eric Flint – SotS> A star system in PRH, a sector capital.

Thalassia – <IEH> A planet whose neosharks have a strong resemblance to Cordelias Ransom smile in the mind of Tomas Theisman.

Thetis – <FiE, AoV, WarH> A star system with a SKM base, guarding the approach to Trevor’s Star. There is one habitable planet in the system. Captured by MA sometime during the openig stage of the First Havenite War [See 1)] it was re-conquered by RoH in WarH during Operation Thunderbolt.

Third Brunswick – <ACtD> A star system.

Thorson – <FoD, ACC, HoS, TW> The moon of Manticore. Thorson is "much smaller than" the Moon.

Thrace – <MoH> A star system in SL, its ruling families are Mesan Alignment members, which in turn makes the local SDF an adjunct of MAN. Poised by the Alignment to be a one of the founding members of the Renaissance Factor.

Thurso – <SoF> One of two settled planets in the Loomis System. Sharing a common centre of mass with Halkirk, Thurso is one component of a twin planet in Loomis' orbit, O - 7. With a hydrosphere of over 90%, and a massive sister planet as a 'moon', Thurso's widely scattered nominally dry land archipelagoes have to cope with tidal surges that are more tsunamis than anything most planets would have called tides. Coupled with "interesting" weather it is the cause why the planetry population is "tiny" in comparison to Halkirk’s. Thurso’s gargantuan fisheries produce "a startling tonnage of gourmet seafood" much sought after by Core World epicures.

Tiberian – <SotS, CoS, SoSag, AAC, SoF, HoS> A star system between Erewhon and RoH. There is one settled planet called Refuge and at least two asteroid belts in the system. Tiberian is just “over” 300 LY from Manticore. It is one of the very few inhabited star systems in the region which has neither surveillance platforms of any sort nor any asteroid resource extraction platforms.

Tillerman – <SoSag, SftS> A star system in TC, TQ / SEM member. Tillerman is 400 LY from Celebrant. It is the closest TQ system to Monica and Meyers.

Titan (Manticore B VI) - <JRMN, HoS> A gas giant, the sixth planet orbiting Manticore B, O – 83,6 [See 2)]. Titan has eleven moons.

Titania – <HoS> A star system 116 LY from Sigma Draconis. Titania is associated with a wormhole bridge leading to Mullins.

Tomlinson – <ACtD> A star system in AE. Tomlinson was conquered by Gustaw Anderman before 1529 P.D.

Torch – <CoS, SoSag, AAC, SftS, ToF, MoH, SoF, HoS, CoG> The settled planet in the Congo System, O – 16,68 LM [See 3)]; YL - “almost” 3; DL – 27; AT ~ 0 [See 4)]. Torch's hydrosphere takes "about 70%" of the surface and the atmosphere contains more greenhouse gases than Earth's. All this coupled with a hot primary combines to create a very hot and humid climate. It's therefore no surprise that 60% of the land surface is classified as rainforest, the other forty percent is composed of swamps, marshy lowlands and bayous. Recently liberated from the previous owner MU, which befor the liberation maintained a slave-breeding centre on the planet. Torch became the birthplace of an independent nation of ex-slaves. The main product of the jungle planet is a variety of pharmaceuticals which are both valuable and difficult to duplicate artificially. There is a command center, freight transshipment point and primary system defense node space station in orbit around Torch. The planetary capital city was remaned Beacon after the liberation. A former Manpower operations room, designed to protect the most secure computers is buried 1842 meters below the capital. Nowadays used by the Torch government as a secure room, the equipment inside is provided by Torch's various allies. It was here that Queen Berry Zwilicki was sequestered after the Mesan Alignment assasination attempt.

Toulon – <EoH> The settled planet in the Gaston System. The homeworld of Henri Dessouix.

Traccora – <CoG> A star system.

Trautman's Star – <SoSag, JRMN, HoS> A star system in SC where Edward Saganami conducted anti-pirate operations. He lost two ships, destroyed thirteen and captured six hostiles in due process destroying all basing infrastructure in the system.

Trebuchet – <FS, TW> 1) A star system. 2) The settled planet in the Trebuchet System known for local plants with medical applications which require manual harvesting due to their fragile nature. Jessica Pheriss and her family moved to Sphinx from there.

Treadway – <FiE, IEH, AoV, JHRN> A star system with a PRH base guarding Barnett's southeastern flank. It was captured by MA in a "virtually" untouched state at the same time as Trevor's Star. Re-taken by PRH during Operation Scylla in AoV, abandoned when Operation Buttercup threatened PRH's core worlds it was finally re-captured by RoH in WarH.

Trevor’s Star– <All -WoH, SotS, ABF, HTBu9, GNLH, FS, SoF, B, TW, ACtD> A star system. There is one settled planet in the system called San Martin. One of the termini of MWJ there. The terminus is “about” 180 LM from the system primary. Conquered by PRH in 1883 P.D. Trevor's Star was captured by MA in 1911 P.D. and formally requested membership into SKM in 1914 P.D. Trevor’s Star is 135 LY from Cerberus, „over” 150 LY from Yeltsin, and 210 LY from Manticore. Since it's capture by MA the system was declared closed to all outside traffic.


Trianon Combine – <HAE> A star system, a SC protectorate.

Trombone – <ART> A star system in OL / SL, within 35 LY of Beowulf.

Truman Belt – <SoF> An asteroid belt in the Meyers System. The belter population is 843,000.

Tumult – <CoW, B> A star system in SC, the capital system of the Tumult Sector.

Turner – <CoG> A star system.

Twins – <ToF> The commonly used name for the SGC-902-36-G Wormhole Anomaly. The existence of such an anomaly was supposedly imposible under the then current understanding of hyper-physics. Not only do two termini emerge into the same star system less the 2 LM from each other, but they do so exactly on HL, which makes them the only two obsered termini less than 30 LM from a star. The phenomenon was discowered around 1720 P.D. [See 1)] and the Mesan Alignment scientists are still trying to figure it out. Currently there are "at least six competing" hypotheses.

Tyler’s Star – <HAE, WarH, Timothy Zahn – SotS> A star system in the Posnan Sector of SC, also known as Tyler System. There are at least five planets in the system includnig the settled Hadrian and a solar research station in the system. Aside from the scientific work the research station is also home to some RMN ONI presence.

1) In FiE Chapter 15 there is already an advanced MA base in the system.

2) The table listing the planets of Manticore B in JRMN puts Titan's orbit at 83,85 LM, but the Manticore B system map in HoS gives 83,6 LM. I'm going with the one from HoS, as it's the newest and most canon material on Manticore B's astrography.

3) In ToF Chapter 15, we get to know that Torch is "almost twice as far" from its sun than Earth from Sol. And Earth's O - 150 000 000 km. So to get Torch's O:
O = 150 000 000 000 [m] * 2 = 300 000 000 000 [m] / 299 792 458 [m / s] ≈ 1000,69 LS / 60 ≈ 16,68 LM

4) In ToF Chapter 15 we get to know that Torch's AT is "less than a full degree".

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