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Lannes – <IEH> A star system in PRH, in revolt against CoPS in IEH.

La Martine – <Eric Flint – SotS, CoS, ToF, MoH, CoG> 1) A star system in RH, StC - G?. 2) The settled planet in the La Martine System.

Laramie – <Eric Flint – SotS> A star system in PRH where Admiral Chin's force including a SS SD defeated a pirate.

Libau – <HAE> A star system in the Breslau Sector of SC. It is “just under” 15 LY from Walther.

Limbo – <ART> A star system associated with a wormhole bridge leading to Roulette. The local terminus is unfortified and the whole LSN consists of two DDs and eight LACs. Athough nominally independent, Limbo is an OFS client state with an "unplesant" executive and a represive government. Limbo is 49 LY from Agueda. The Limbo terminus was taken over by RMN during Lacoön Two.

Lois – <EoH> The settled planet in the Clarke System, DL – 23. The planet has "some of the most glorious beaches in the entire" PRH.

Loomis – <SoF> A star system in the V, StC – G7; HL - 18,92. The two settled planets in the system Halkirk and Thurso orbit a common centre of mass. There is also at least one asteroid belt and three gas giants, with gas mining operations underway, in the system. The system economy is controlled by Star Enterprise Initiatives Unlimited, a transstellar company headquatered in Lucastra in SL.


Lorn – <AAC> A star system in RoH. Before Cutworm III when it was attacked by forces under Vice Admiral Alice Truman and its total system infrastructure was destroyed, Lorn was a relatively important secondary naval shipyard that handled a lot of refit activity, although rarely on units of the wall. It was also “fairly heavily” involved in construction of RoH's new LACs.

Lovat – <AoV, WarH, AAC, JHRN, SftS, ToF, MoH, ART> A star system, close to the center of the spherical volume of RoH, StC – G6; HL - 19,36. There are 4 planets in the system: Lovat I, Furnace, the settled Forge and Anvil. One of RoH's core systems, a daughter colony settled by Aamodt Corporation, a huge industrial concern in the old RoH. Even under the Legislaturatists Lovat was an important system in PRH's economy. Until Operation Sanskrit Lovat was a major industrial node and although not a primary yard site it was heavily committed to the construction of light units (LACs and cruisers) and fleet support vessels (ammunition and repair ships, personnel transports, general cargo haulers). The system was among RoH's ~20 most important star systems. It is 49 LY from Haven and 3,75 LY from Tequila .


Lovat I – <AAC> The innermost planet in the Lovat System, a burning cinder which never attained a name.

Lowell – <FiE, EoH, AoV> A star system on the frontline in possession of MA in AoV. The home system of Lieutenant Stephenson, Fleet Admiral (GSN) Honor Harrington's assistant on Hades.

Lucastra – <SoF> A star system in SL, 70 LY from Sol. Lucastra is the home system of Star Enterprise Initiatives Unlimited, a transstellar corporation controlling Loomis economy.

Lugh (Tau Ceti III)– <ToF> The settled planet in the Tau Ceti System, it has a "flamboyant scenery and even more flamboyant biota". It's due to this fact that Lugh is famous for adventure vid series, the most famous one being "The Adventures of Fung Ho," the longest running series in history.

Luna – <B, CoG> See Moon.

Lutrell – <HAE, CoW> A star system in the Saginaw Sector of SC. It was in revolt against SC central government in HAE.

Lynx – <WarH, SoSag, AAC, SftS> A star system, StC – G2; HL – 21,12. “Just over” 4 LY from Lynx Terminus and 250 LY to Scarlet. There is one habitable planet in the system, settled “around” 1720 P.D. [See 1)]. At the time of the Lynx Terminus discovery the system population was around 2,3 billion. Lynx was a V system, with very limited industrial infrastructure and modern technology. It can provide little except raw materials and foodstuffs, and its labor force will have to be retrained before it will make any significant contribution to the development and operation of the Lynx Terminus. SKM / SEM member since 1919 P.D.

Lynx Terminus – <WarH, SoSag, AAC, SftS, ToF, MoH, ART, HoS> The commonly used name for MQ-L-1792-46A, a planetless red dwarf star system, StC – M8d; HL – 9,68. The newly explored seventh termini of MWJ leads there. The termini is located approximately 330 LM from the star. Lynx Terminus is “just over” 4 LY from Lynx, 612 LY from Manticore, over 230 LY from Scarlet and 270 LY from Monica.


Please remember that the direction of Lynx isn't given anywhere in the books, the arrow is used just to indicate the presence, NOT the bearing, of the nearest settled system.

Lytton – <B> A nominally independent star system s few LY from the Sasebo System. There is a SLN picket force on permanent station in the system.

1) Lynx Terminus was explored in WarH which takes place in 1919 - 1920 P.D. In Chapter 34 of WarH we get the information that Lynx was settled "about 200 T-Years ago" making the date of settlement around 1720 P.D.

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