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Ja'al – <Eric Flint – SotS> A star system in PRH, a sector capital.

Jatha – <David Darke – MTH> A star system.

Jameston – <EoH> A star system in PRH, the home system of Commodore Gaston Simmons, the Judge representing the military POWs on the military court on Hades.

Jarmon – <HAE> A star system in the Chalice Cluster in the Terrance Sector of SC.

Jarrod – <CoS> A planet housing a MU breeding station.

Jeremiah – <HoS> The settled planet in the Hume System.

Jasper – <IFF> A settled planet in the Saginaw System, O ~ 10,7 [See 1)]; G – 1,01; YL – 1,73; AT – 14 [See 1)]. The planetary capital is Onyx. Jasper's hydrosphere is similar to Sphinx's.

Jophiel (Yeltin IV) - <HoS> The fourth planet orbiting Yeltsin, O – 7,2.

Josephine – <ART> A star system less than four weeks travel by a merchant ship from Mendelschon.

Jouett – <AAC> A star system in RoH, one of Haven's oldest daughter colonies, colonized around 1466 P.D. The current system population is “well up into the billions”. Jouett is also “the site of the oldest of the RHN's satellite shipyards,” and its defenses are “almost as heavy as those of the Haven.” The settled planet in the system is Shadrach.

Jupiter (Sol V)– <HotQ, AAC, B> A gas giant, the fifth planet orbiting Sol.

1) Jasper's YL is "almost identical" to Manticore's, and its AT is "almost exactly the same" as that of Sphinx.

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