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Raiden – <Jane Lindskold – WoH, HoS> A planet ravaged by mutated diseases.

Raguel (Yeltin VII) - <HoS> A gas giant, the seventh planet orbiting Yeltsin, O – 100,8.

Ramon – <SVW, JHRN, ACtD> A star system, MA member. The system was attacked during Operation Perseus by PRH forces in the opening stages of the First Havenite War. Ramon was one of the local systems that fell prey to the Free Brotherhood in XV century P.D.

Ranier - <JRMN, HoS> A star system near Hennesy in PC. In 1660 P.D. Rainer, in all but words little more than a pirate enclave, began attacking shipping around the then relatively unsettled PC. In answer to Rainer attacking SKM merchants using the Hennesy Terminus of MWJ the RMN got involved. The Rainer War was fought from 1660 P.D. to 1662 P.D. and ended in Commodore Edward Saganimi leading five RMN's battlecruisers agains Rainer itself.

Redoubt – <SoSag> A star system in TC, RTU / TQ / SEM member.

Reevesport – <SVW> A star system with a SKM base in a nodal position along MA defensive perimeter.

Refuge – <SotS, CoS, SoSag, ToF, MoH> The settled planet in the Tiberian System, it has a population of less than a hundred thousand. The inhabitants of Refuge have so little interest in contact with the rest of the galaxy that their total orbital infrastructure consists of one primitive communication station, probably the better part of a T-century out of date. The planet has two moons, the second being a captured hunk of loose rock. The planetary capital is Zion, not a city but simply the largest settlement on the planet.

Rembrant – <SoSag, SftS, MoH, SoF, HoS> 1) A star system in the middle of TC, RTU founding member, TQ / SEM member. There is enough local industry in the system to "provide significant support" to local military forces. 2) The settled planet in the Rembrandt System. The planetary capital is Vermerr which lies on the Schelde River. The planetary climate is "miserable."

Remiel (Yeltin VIII) - <HoS> A gas giant, the seventh planet orbiting Yeltsin, O – 200,7.

Roc (Manticore A VI) - <JRMN, HoS> A gas giant, the sixth planet orbiting Manticore A, O – 79,4 [See 1)]. Roc has nine moons.

Rochelle – <AAC> A “farming” planet in RoH.

Roulette – <ART> An idependent star system associated with a wormhole bridge leading to Limbo. Roulette is 63 LY from Beowulf and "litte more than" 100LY from Sol. The Roulette terminus was taken over by RMN during Lacoön Two.

Runciman – <WarH> A star system in PRH, occupied by SKM and re-conquered by the RoH in WarH, apparently its population doesn’t want to remain under RoH's control.

Rutgers – <HoS> A star system in PRH, aquired around 1855 P.D. [See 2)]. The initial pacification measures adopted were draconic.

1) The table listing the planets of Manticore A in JRMN puts Roc's orbit at 79,58 LM, but the Manticore A system map in HoS gives 79,4 LM. I'm going with the one from HoS, as it's the newest and most canon material on Manticore A's astrography.

2) We get to know about Rutgers' acuisation by the PRH in a subchapter of HoS which takes place in 1855 P.D. The quote is: "...the People’s Republic had acquired two new member star systems in the last half T-year..." So Rutgers had to be conquered in early 1855, or late 1854 P.D.

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