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Farnham – <AoV> star system where Baoyuan Anderman ambushed a force trying to make a “sneak attack” on him. This engagement is known as the Battle of the Farnham.

Felix – <ToF> A star system, StC – K2; HL – 16,72. There is one habitable planet in the system called Felix Beta. Felix is 10 LY from Mannerheim. The system is associated with a major wormhole junction. The Felix Wormhole Junction has four termini, two of them lead to Darius and SGC-902-36-G. The existence of the junction is kept secret, and even Mannerheim afficials who aren't Alignment members know only about the other two termini. The junction was discovered around 1720 P.D. [See 1)] by a Jessyk Combine survey acting under Alignment orders. Felix's legal situatin is complicated because the original colonisation rights have been purhased around 1420 P.D. [See 2)] by a Solarian corporation. Due to the system being of low interest the rights have been traded many times, and now there are 4 corporations claiming ownership. Mannerheim acting as a front for the Alignment is quietly trying to obtain those.


Felix Beta – <ToF> The habitable planet in the Felix System, O – 6 LM; G – 1,4; AT – 31. The hydrosphere takes 33% of the surface and combined with O and AT, it makes Felix Beta "a cold, arid, dusty, windstorm-lashed, thoroughly wretched lump of dirt."

Fenris (Manticore B VII) – <JRMN, HoS> A gas giant, the seventh planet orbiting Manticore B, O ~ 258,3 (Periapsis - 201,85; Apoapsis - 327,63). Fenris has seven moons. This gas giant was captured by Manticore B long ago enough to reduce its predecessor, the former seventh planet, to Gorgon Belt.

Flax – <SoSag, SftS, MoH, SoF> The settled planet in the Spindle System, O – 13. The planetary capital is Thimble which lies on the coast of the Humboldt Ocean. Thimble is the seat of TQ's Parliament.

Footstep – <HoS> A star system, where the smell removing nanotech was developed.

Fordyce – <AAC> A star system in RoH, its total infrastructure was destroyed during Cutworm II by forces under Admiral Alistair McKeon.

Forge (Lovat III) – <AAC> The settled planet in the Lovat System, O – 7 LM, it has a pronounced AT. The population is “almost” 3 billion.

Franconia – <WarH> A star system in PRH, occupied by SKM, re-conquered by RoH in WarH, apparently its population doesn’t want to remain under RoH control.

Furnace (Lovat II) – <AAC> The second planet orbiting Lovat.

1) In ToF the whole Felix Wormhole Junction - Twins - Congo Wormhole Bridge network is said to be discovered around 200 T-Years earlier, and since ToF happens in 1920-1921 PD this places the discovery around 1720 PD.

2) In ToF the Felix colonisation rights are said to have been sold around 500 T-Years earlier, and since ToF happens in 1920-1921 PD this places the transaction around 1420 PD.

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