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Idaho – <ART> A star system, MA member. 72 LY from Manticore, Idaho is associated with a wormhole bridge leading to Zunker. Idaho Hyper Bridge was explored in 1905 P.D. by a Manticoran survey ship under charter to the local government. A relative backwater before the discovery of the bridge, Idaho has enjoyed a period of economic growth. Its close relationship with Manticore allowed Idaho not only to weather the exploration of the new conection to Zunker, which lies in SL area of influence, but even gain territorial control over the terminus at the other end of the bridge.

Indus – <FiE> The settled planet in the Mithra System.

Ingeborg – <HoS> A star system in the vicinity of Terra Haute.

Irrlicht – <Timothy Zahn – IFF> A star system in AE on the border with Silesia, "close to 400 LY" from Karavani in PRH. There are four uninhabitable planets and a couple of asteroid belts in the system.

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