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Palmetto – <ToF> A star system around a week's way travel for a merchant ship from Mesa [See 1)].

Parmley Station – <ToF, ART, SoF, CoG> A space amusement park station in orbit around Ameta. It's roughly 6 - 7 km in diameter, altough hardly shaped like a sphere. It's founder Michael Parmley evisioned it as a R&R station for the operators of mines on Hainuwele and Ameta but the business never really picked up. In the construction he took inspiration from the acient Disneyland. He went as far as to incorporate a rollercoaster, feris wheel and the Fantasyland castle with the trademark turret replica into the design. Unfortunaetly Parmley went broke short afterwards and later died. Parmley Station fell onto hard times and finally fell "into the hands of the slave trade about three decades" before ToF. Since then it was used as a slave transshipment point by freelance slave traders. Retaken from the slave trade by the Beowulf Biological Survey Corps, a combat-intelligence agency fighting Mesa, Parmley Station is now destained for the role of a secret base for the Torch military in its fight against Mesa. The actual reconstruction to turn the station into a powerful fortress is carried out by the Erewhonese.

Paroa – <EoH> A star system in PRH. There is one settled planet in the system called Danville.

Pegasus – <EoH, HoS> A star system close to Haven, one of PRH's early conquests. The home system of Harriet Benson.

Pelzer – <IFF> An independent star system just beyond AE. The AE was manipulated by the Audubon Ballrom into undertaking a military intervention in the system in search of a MU slave trading depot. The depot was never found but a "spontaneous" local uprising uprooted the corrupt local government, taking over the system and establishing a more just rule.

Pequod – <SoSag, SftS> A star system in TC, TQ / SEM member. Pequod is relatievly close to New Tuscany, "it's less than a T-week even for a merchie between the two systems". Pequod isn't "as poverty-stricken as Nuncio", but it's "much poorer than Spindle", almost "as poor as Dresden was 30 or 40 T-Years" before SftS.

Perseus – <ABF, HoS> One of Sphinx's two moons. D ~ 0,05 (672 km); O – 142,000 km. There are some mining operations in progress on the moon.

Pezenec – <CoG> A star system in V.

Phoenix (Manticore A II) – <AAC, JRMN, HoS> 1) The second planet orbiting Manticore A, O – 6,6 [See 2)]; G – 0,35. Phoenix has a red coloring and no moons. 2) A star system in PC.

Poicters – <SVW, JHRN> A star system, MA member, with a population of “almost” one billion. The system was fairly important in military terms but when the base at Talbot was built, it became little more than a flank guard for the forces stationed there. Poicters was attacked during Operation Perseus by PRH forces in the opening stages of the First Havenite War.

Pontifex – <SoSag> The habitable world orbiting Nuncio B, O – 6 [See 3)]. It's a much colder, drier world, with far more extreme seasonal changes than Basilica. The planetary population is barely three hundred and fifty million. The capital is Ollander Landing. The planet is poor even by V standards, its citizens don't have access to prolong or decend medical services, the "educational system is a joke by modern standards" and the available technology is probably 200 T-Years behind SKM's.

Posnan – <HAE, WarH, SotS, B> A star system in SC. It is the capital system of the Posnan Sector.

Potsdam – <HAE, WarH, AAC, MoH, ART> The settled planet in the New Berlin System, G – 0,85; also known as New Potsdam. Formerly named Kuan Yin after a Chinese goddess of mercy, it was settled by ethnic Chinese. The first survey of the planet missed the fact that the microorganisms of the local ecosystem liked to eat chlorophyll, thus making the growth of any terran plant, food included, all but impossible. The situation changed after the takeover by Gustaw Anderman in XVIth century P.D. He brought in microbiologists that took care of the problem. Now the capital planet of the Andermani Empire. There is extensive space industry in orbit and its central node is Alpha Station. The unarmed combat style Neue-Stil Handgemenge was developed there.

Prague – <John Ringo – SotS> A planet settled by a society of Aryan racial homongenists from Old Earth. The planet itself is a paradise with a temperature and weather regime remarkably similar to Earth's and the residents are among the "prettiest" in the human settled worlds. Conquered by PRH. The planetary capital is Prague City located on the Aryan River.

Prairie – <SoSag, MoH> A star system in TC, RTU / TQ / SEM member.

Prime – <CoG> A star system.

Prism – <CoW> A star system in the Saginaw Sector of SC, in revolt against the central government of SC in CoW.

Psyche – <HAE> A star system in the Saginaw Sector of SC, in revolt against the central government of SC in HAE.

1) In ToF Chapter 38, the Hali Sowle makes run from Mesa to Palmetto in under two weeks.

2) The table listing the planets of Manticore A in JRMN puts Phoenix's orbit at 6,77 LM, but the Manticore A system map in HoS gives 6,6 LM. I'm going with the one from HoS, as it's the newest and most canon material on Manticore A's astrography.

3) There is an inconsistency in the information provided in SoSag, first DW writes that Pontifex orbits the K2 sun at 6 LM, but in the chapters describing the engagement with ex-SS rouges the distances written make it 10 LM. This has to be a mistake because it would make the planet to cold to be habitable. 10 LM would put Pontifex further out from a much cooler K2 star than Earth is from the Sun. I decided to use the 6 LM orbit written in the passages describing the whole system.

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