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Wages of Sin – <CoS, SoSag, ToF> The main civilian space station in orbit around Erewhon. It's huge and complex in its design, altough roughly spherical the interconnecting tubes, passageways and chambers give it the image of "a bowl of spagetti" in zero G. It's mainly a giant, dazzling and impressive entertainment centre.

Walther – <HAE, WarH, SotS> A star system in the Breslau Sector of SC, StC – G2; HL – 21,12. The system is “just under” 15 LY from Libau. There is one settled planet in the system.

Walther Prime – <Timothy Zahn – SotS> The settled planet in the Walther System.

Welladay – <AoV> A star system in PRH, captured by MA during Operation Buttercup.

HMSS Weyland – <EoH, AoV, SftS, MoH, ART, HoS> A space station in orbit around Gryphon, the third biggest military space station in SKM / SEM. Over 30 km long in EoH, at the time of its destruction during operation Oyster Bay it was "less than half the size of Vulcan". Altough it was the smallest of SKM's / SEM's space stations, in SftS it was "actually the busiest of the three, given the ammount of highly classified" R&D which is conducted there.

Willis – <HAE> A star system in the Chalice Cluster in the Terrance Sector of SC.

Wywern (Manticore A VII) - <JRMN, HoS> A gas giant, the seventh planet orbiting Manticore A, O – 157 [See 1)]. Wyvern has no moons.

1) The table listing the planets of Manticore A in JRMN puts Wyvern's orbit at 156,96 LM, but the Manticore A system map in HoS gives 157,0 LM. I'm going with the one from HoS, as it's the newest and most canon material on Manticore A's astrography.

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